Elvarg - Team

Meet our Team

Last updated 8/20/2023

Staff Descriptions

  • Founder

    Founders are responsible for ensuring that Elvarg.io stays updated, online and stable. At the same time, they need to make sure that the community enjoys the server.
  • Developer

    Developers are here to make sure that new content is frequently added in-game and they are here to check out the community suggestions. If the suggestions are reasonable, they will implement them in-game
  • Web Developer

    A web developer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the server's website. They bring the server's online presence to life, creating an engaging and user-friendly interface for players. Their role involves coding and implementing various web-based features, such as voting system, high score trackers, and donation systems. The web developer ensures the website is visually appealing, responsive across different devices, and integrates seamlessly with the game server. They prioritize security measures to protect user data and work closely with other team members to ensure a cohesive online experience. With their technical skills and creative flair, the web developer contributes to enhancing the server's web presence and user experience.
  • Server Manager

    Server manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the overall operations of the server. Their role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities to ensure the server runs smoothly and provides an enjoyable gaming experience for the players. They handle both technical and administrative tasks, coordinating with different teams and ensuring the server's stability and growth. From maintaining server uptime and implementing updates to managing the staff and addressing player concerns, the server manager plays a crucial role. They are dedicated to ensuring the server's success and are instrumental in fostering a positive and engaging environment for players.
  • Administrator

    Administrator has more powers than Moderator, but he/she has to moderate the forums and in-game. The user that beholds this rank has to be a role-model for the staff team. He/she is here to help another staff member with their questions. He/she has to keep an eye on the other staff members to make sure that they follow the punishment guidelines and if a staff member decides to step out of the boundaries, the Administrator will have a conversation with the staff member and will redirect him/her to the Owner.
  • Moderator

    This is a stepping stone to Administrator. Moderators are here to ensure that players receive their help in-game and on the forums. It is a combination of the ranks Server Moderator and Forum Moderator. This rank has to moderate both in-game and forums. This user has shown that he/she is capable to take leadership in the staff team.
  • Server Support

    This rank is a stepping stone to Server Moderator. The role of a server support is to answer questions from players in-game and on the forums. They may middleman for you to prevent scamming in gambling.